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We operate shell and auger drilling services

Method Statement

Upon arrival we meet with the client to establish to establish that we are on the correct site.

We will then:

  1. Visusally inspect each borehole position for underground/ overhead services, after avoiding obvious trench/manhole runs, CAT scan for services.
  2. With the assistant acting as banksman, the drilling rig will be towed or reversed into position.
  3. Unload, using two people, the drilling tools and lay on floor beside rig.
  4. Raise drilling rig, attach spreader bar and leg stays.
  5. Clean all tools, place in position ready for use.
  6. If required, hand dig to a maximum depth of 1.2metres to check for services.
  7. Commence drilling by careful raising and dropping of the drilling tools, taking samples and tests as required.
  8. At no time will the drilling tools be suspended in the air whilst work is carried out underneath them.
  9. When the tools are raised and lowered, the assistant will guide them in a safe manner.
  10. once the required depth has been reached, contact will be made with the client to confirm this depth is correct, any pipe installation and backfill details will be recorded.
  11. Temporary casing will be withdrawn and carefully laid out on the floor, any installation requirements will be carried out at the same time.
  12. Top of borehole will be concreted or compacted as required.
  13. The rig will be dismantled, lowered carefully with two people, loaded, either removed from the site or moved to the next borehole position and steps 1) to 13) carried out.
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