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Portfolio of Previous Works

Here is a list of some of the various jobs that have been completed.

Roads and Highways:

  • Coubridge, Wales - M4 relief roads
  • Cardiff Docks - New road and infrastructure
  • Bethesda, North Wales - A5 bypass
  • Great Yarmouth - A47 bypass/relief road
  • Gaydon - M40 Gaydon to Warwick section
  • Illminster - A303 Illminster to Marsh section
  • Lowestoft - A12 bypass/relief road
  • Oakham - Southern section bypass
  • Eye - A47
  • Thorney - A47
  • Barford - Bypass Bedfordshire


  • Plymouth - Dry dock extension
  • Victoria Dock - deep tunneled sewer/ infrastructure/ investigation (same in Albert Dock)
  • Canary Wharf - Deep boreholes for tower, over land and over water
  • Heron Wharf, Isle of Dogs - Over land and over water BHS
  • Victoria Dock - Over water BHS for dock survey
  • Three Valleys - Water treatment works deep balancing tunnel

Underground Works:

  • High Wycombe - 50m deep BHS for underground command bunkers for RAF/MOD
  • Cambridgeshire landfill sites - install gas and ground water monitoring wells at Milton, Huntingdon, March, Gruny Fen and Peterborough
  • Pedigree Petfoods, Peterborough - Monitoring wells
  • Barford Bypass - gas main realignment


  • Diss, Norfolk - Gravel surveys for Institute of Geological Services, sourcing future mineral resources in and around the area
  • Geotechnical - an environmental study prior to closure of plant (boreholes up to 50m deep)


  • Heathrow - a major geological fault was found beside the Iver to Heathrow M25/M4 junction which would have compromised the tunnel's safety (a gravel scour) resulting in much design work to ensure safety!

Shopping Centres:

  • Swansea
  • Castle Mall - Norwich
  • Lakeside - Thurrock
  • Lowestoft
  • Rivergate - Peterborough

Football Grounds:

  • Arsenal FC - New ground at Ladbroke Grove
  • Bolton Wanderers FC - Old football stadium
  • Norwich City FC - New stand


  • Ibis Hotel - A406
  • Ibis Hotel - Docklands
  • Millennium Dome
  • North Middlesex Hospital
  • Vauxhall Motors - Luton
  • Dartford Bridge
  • Trowse, Norwich - New railway swing bridge over river
  • Beckton Gas Works
  • British Sugar Site - Peterborough
  • British Sugar - investigating the safety and quality of lagoon walls at Peterborough, King's Lynn, Bury St Edmonds and Ipswich
  • Housing - redevelopment of British Sugar Peterborough to housing
  • Pedigree Petfoods, Peterborough - New biscuit plant
  • Shell at Stanlow - Unleaded petrol plant

Anglian Water Sites

Project Clearwater:

These were deep tunneled jobs designed to receive and store storm sewage and to allow this to flow through a treatment works and also to improve bathing water quality at the east coast from Grimbsy right down to Southend. This work has been ongoing in bursts of activity since 1985.

  • Cleethorpes
  • Grimsby
  • Ipswich
  • Holland-on-Sea
  • Lincoln
  • Bury St Edmonds
  • Clacton-on-Sea
  • Frinton

New sewage works or large upgrades to the following sites:

  • Cotton Valley, Milton Keynes
  • Broadholme, Wellingborough
  • Fengate, Peterborough
  • Northampton
  • Ingoldmells
  • Milton, Cambridge
  • Bedford
  • Sandy
  • Rushden
  • Skegness
  • Grimsby
  • Lincoln
  • Lowestoft - for design of Europe's first indoor works to minimise smell for nearby caravan parks and tourism area

Also as sewage works expanded lots of smaller sites would be closed and waste piped direct to large works. We would carry out investigation works for the new pipe line to get it under railway lines, main road, etc.

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