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Health & Safety

To all my employees and subcontractors:

It is my intention for any Shell & Auger Drilling and other Site Work that I undertake, to at all times be carried out in a manner that is safe, thus not endangering ourselves, members of the public or other persons working near our drilling area. To assist with this the following regulations shall always be adhered to:

  1. The rig and equipment shall be visually inspected for defects daily.
  2. Cotton overalls, safety boots, safety helmets and PVC gloves shall be worn at all times. High visibility jackets will be also worn when required.
  3. The rig shall always be unloaded by two people, with care taken to the laying down and arranging of drilling tools, in such a manner that is safe for all concerned.
  4. When work is in an area where people are passing, i.e. footpath, road or verge, safety fencing/barriers shall be erected before the rig is unloaded and work commenced.
  5. No guards shall be removed from the rig whilst it is working.
  6. Any special requirements/safety instructions given by the client/site owner shall be strictly adhered to.

To all my clients:

It is always my intention whilst employed by you, to carry out drilling works in a manner which is safe to my employees, your representatives on site and any other people who may be present. To assist with this the following points should be noted and considered:

Underground or overhead services - the borehole and rig should always be positioned to avoid services.

Footpaths, walkways or fire exits - should never be obstructed.

Sloping ground or boggy conditions - we require notice of any dangers, so C.O.S.H.H regulations can be implemented along with any other specific instructions and further discussions may be had.

Accident Reporting

In the event of any accident occurring, the injury must be treated first! Then reported to the client and to Mr T Bedford, then a written report of the incident must be submitted to both parties.

Before we commence work on site, any problems, special requirements will be discussed with my staff in order that no accidents or incidents occur.

Health and Safety
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